Student Funding

Entering funding and viewing all funding

Student funding tracking is the hardest thing for us to build to fit the context of many different programs, funding structures, granting agencies and so on. For now, we're keeping it simple.

Prograds has Funding Sources and Student Funding.

Funding Sources are specified in the Department Profile. These really just become 'shortcuts' to populate student funding and then to allow Administrators to get reports by funding type. They look like this →

Notion image

A Student Funding is added on a Student Page. When a job (employment) or funding is added, you can select from the Funding Sources dropdown to populate some of the fields on that Funding record. They look like this →

Notion image

Guaranteed Funding (G)

Most programs have funding guarantees along with the admission offer. Prograds Employment and Funding items have a Guaranteed indicator. When a student account is created, administrators can add funding items with dates and tick the Guaranteed indicator.

On the Student View and the Student Profile, a button pulls up a popup with a listing of the Student's guaranteed funding.

On the Employment and Funding lists on the Student Page, guaranteed funding appears with (G) after the name of the funding.

Setting your Department Funding Sources

Funding Sources include awards, stipends, scholarships, employment (TA, RA, etc.), and research funding.

From the Department Profile Fuding Sources Tab, for each Funding Source you will specify its:

  • name,
  • source type (optional),
  • default value (optional),
  • maximum months (optional),
  • and whether it is research or teaching.

We have provided some standard Source Types but we would appreciate users' suggested additions to the list.


Adding Funding for a Student

Students' funding events are added by clicking on the plus button in the Funding or Employment section of the Student Page.

Note that Administrators can toggle to indicate that a given funding is part of the student's package of guaranteed funding. These Fundings (and relevant Employment items too) will appear in a Funding Package box on the Student Profile.

See The Student Page for more detailed instructions on adding Funding and Employment using the Funding Sources.

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