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Can I get a demo and try Prograds?

Yes. Contact us at info@prograds.com and we'll send you login details for our demonstration department. You can get in there and create new students and faculty or play around with the fake ones we have created.

We just want to make sure it's only real graduate program people who are legitimately going to kick the tires, so please do just write to Prograds Founder/CEO Dr. Fred Cutler at UBC in Vancouver at our info@prograds.com address.

We have a few different Programs, can we set them up differently?

Yes. We've built Prograds so that departments can have any number of Programs. Some of the Department's settings are at the Department level (Courses and Funding), but each Program can be defined with its own Stages, Milestones, and Requirements.

We're really concerned about privacy for our Students' and Faculty information. How does Prograds keep it all separate?

Unlike the way most departments operate now, where there are spreadsheets that are only shared by the Director of Grad Studies and the grad program staff, Prograds is one application for Administrators, Faculty, and Students.

We've built it so that Students see only their own record and progress. Faculty only see the Students they're supervising or whose committees they're on. Faculty serving as DGS obviously become Administrative users who can see and edit Student and Faculty statuses. We have very strict Privacy rules defined in a separate module of our programming interface, so we're totally confident that the right people can see the appropriate things, and nothing else!

Interactions with Prograds are logged so that in the event you need to audit who saw what and who made what change, we can provide that data to approved Administrative users.

Our big challenge is keeping track of Funding. How does Prograds do that?

We're building out a complete Funding suite. At the moment, you put in funding packages at the Department level and can apply them to students, changing the amount and setting dates as required. Employment is also part of Prograds, so you can record TA and RA and work-study jobs.

Then there's a Funding roll-up table for the Department that you can filter, export, and see per-student totals.

A given funding item for a student can be designated as part of that Student's Guaranteed Funding package. On each Student's Progress Page and Profile page you can show just the Guaranteed Funding package.

Why is Prograds visible to Students and Faculty? (Simple answer: It's more than just an Admin tool!)

We built Prograds mostly for student progress and effective supervision. The Admin features are really a bonus. Students are the ones doing things, so Prograds is a place where they can record all these things and Faculty can stay up to date on each student's progress, with reminders when Milestones aren't reached at the ideal time.

How much does Prograds cost?

There are a few pricing levels. Most programs pay $12 per student per year, with no charge for faculty or staff. Consult our Pricing Page.

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Last updated on April 6, 2022