Create & Invite Users (Students and Faculty)

Inviting your Faculty, THEN your Students

NOTE: Please consider our recommended sequence for inviting users. We strongly encourage you to consult our Onboarding Plan and Sample Text for guidance.

Faculty and Staff are invited, separately, from the People Dashboard (list of Students and Faculty). You get there from the People Dashboard button in the Header.

There are Student and Faculty tabs on this page, with Add Student and Add Faculty buttons at the top right of the lists.

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Note that when Faculty and Students are added, their profiles are empty. You will have some work to do connecting Faculty and Students. You will do this Student by Student, adding their supervisors and committees; or Faculty by Faculty, adding their supervisees and committee memberships. The latter is likely more efficient if you have the information by Faculty member. When you set up the Department there is a setting that allows students to set their supervisor and committee from their Profile Page. You may wish to turn this on while students are onboarding to Prograds, so they can populate the supervisor and committee information, and then turn it off later. And note that students should read First Steps for new Student Prograds Users, which encourages them to populate their profile and progress pages.

One by one... or in bulk with an invite link?

There are two ways to add students and faculty.

  1. One by one, filling in name and email and (for students) the program. This sends each person an indvidual email with a person-specific signup link.
  1. In bulk (recommended!), by generating an invite link and sending it out yourself in an email.

These links are specific to either Students or Faculty, so you can mix and match if you wish, sending one link to all students and doing faculty individually, or vice-versa.

We will be adding a third method: uploading a csv file with student names and email addresses, which will trigger personalized signup emails from Prograds.

Add Students

We recommend using the Invite Link to put in an email to invite all students in a given program. Note that the links are program-specific, so it’s best to send separate emails with the separate links to your different programs.

Invite Link to All Students in a Program

After you click the Add Student button you get a popup where you first select the Program and then copy the invite link to your clipboard to paste into an announcement to students in that program.

There are two disadvantages to using the invite link for Students. One is that the link might be shared and non-students might try to sign up. They will be able to do so, but of course, they will be invisible to faculty because faculty members will not be assigned to supervise or be on the committees of these 'students'. If this were to happen, you are able to deactivate the accounts. The other is that students might use an email other than one the department prefers that they use. But on balance we still recommend this method. It’s a lot quicker for you!

Be sure to point your students to our page called First Steps for new Student Prograds Users.


One at a Time

Adding students one at a time requires a First and Last name, an email address, and the Program must be selected. You cannot add Students until you have at least one Program set up (see Set up Programs).

You can click the Send email to invite button and we'll send the student an email.

Add Faculty

The process is the same for Faculty, but you don’t have to choose a Program.

It's probably quite safe to generate one signup link for Faculty and email it to them through your normal communication channels.

Use the Generate Invite Link button and the link will be copied to your clipboard to paste into an email

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Last updated on June 16, 2022