Add and Remove Administrators

You can have multiple administrators (even faculty serving as DGS)

This article covers Administrators only at the Department level. We will be adding Program-specific administration roles in future.

Administrative privileges are indicated in two ways in Prograds.

  • One is users with the Administrator role. Those are typically department staff who are not faculty members.
  • The other is for faculty who maintain their faculty status but are elevated to have Admin status while they serve as Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair, for example.
When we create your department account in Prograds we create the first Admin user for you. This is the Account Owner. It is best if this is a staff member, so that the Director of Graduate Studies can be invited as a faculty member and then elevated to have the Is_Admin status while serving as DGS. If you prefer to have a faculty member or Chair as the Account Owner, just let us know when we set up the account.

Add Administrators

Administrators are managed in two ways.

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  1. On the Department Profile page, the Administrators tab allows you to create new Admin-role users (typically staff). To do so, enter first name, last name, and official email. Prograds will create the user and send an email invitation to that user. You can also enter an existing Faculty-member's email and that faculty-role person will be granted full Admin privileges. This is typically the Director of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the department.
  1. For faculty, you can grant them Admin privileges from their Faculty Profiles page. There is a little checkbox below the name that switches Admin privilieges on and off. Only Administrators can check the box, of course.
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Remove Administrators

Administrative privilieges are removed from the same screens.

For Admin-role (non-faculty), this can be done only from the Administrators tab on the Department Profile page.

For Faculty it can be done either there or on their Faculty Profile page.


On the Administrators tab, when you remove an Admin-role user, their role will be changed to Staff. When you remove a Faculty-role user, they will remain as faculty but have their Admin privileges ended. You can easily re-add that status when you need to.


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Last updated on June 15, 2022