People Dashboard (list of Students and Faculty)

The main admin view, listing everyone

Administrators have a dashboard page where they see Students and Faculty in the Department's Programs. Access is from the Admin Dashboard button on the Prograds main Header.

Only those with Administrative privileges for the Department have that button and can see this page.

There are separate lists of Students and Faculty. Switch between them at the top left of the table.

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On each list, you can search or filter easily by Program, Stage, and Supervisor.

If you click on the main area of a person, including their name, you will jump to that person's main page. For Students, it's their individual progress page. For Faculty, it's their dashboard of students.

Students and Faculty also have Profile pages with background information and that's where you attach students to supervisors and committees and where you assign students to faculty. To get to the Student's or Faculty member's Profile page, use the little button on the right side of the entry.

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The 'hamburger menu' at the top right of the table (three horizontal lines):

  • Provides additional filters, to see only former or current students and to see those students on leave.
  • Let’s you export the currently displayed students to a csv file (note this file displays only basic information, not things like overdue milestones and requirements or funding).
  • Let’s you send a broadcast email to all the students currently displayed in the list. So you can filter the list and then click the email button and compose a message to all of those people.

NOTE that you can send students messages from their Profile page as well. The latter kind of message is recorded in Prograds (though replies cannot be handled by Prograds).


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