Student Profiles

The Student Profile (visible to admin and the student)

The Student Profile is where you input and change:

  • the Student's details
  • their Stage in the program
  • their supervision and committee
  • their major and minor fields
  • their lab memberships (if activated for your department)

You can also send Messages to the student (but not receive replies) and keep private Admin Notes that the student cannot see.

The Profile will also show the Student's intial funding/jobs guarantee package.

Note that the student can also see the Profile page but cannot edit most of the fields on it. They can upload their picture, specify their location, use the file list, read the messages (but not the Admin notes!), and add Courses if you have allowed this at the Department level.

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The Hamburger menu beside the student's name —> ☰ allows you to reset the user's password and deactivate the account. Accounts that are deactivated remain in Prograds and can be reactivated.

At the top right you can see the date and time of the Student's last login to Prograds.

Student Profile Fields

Most fields will update as soon as you change them. There is no save button.

Current Stage: Students can only be moved from one stage to the next manually by administrators.

Year in Program: This is calculated automatically, increased by one on the anniversary of the student's program entry date. This can be overriden manually, but in the current version of Prograds it will not then increase automatically.

Email: You cannot change a user's email address. Contact to have us make the change for you.

Program: You can change the Program. But at the moment, this process will create problems. We are working on an internal workflow that will make it possible to transition a student from one program to the next without losing data from the first program.

Initial Advisor: Select from a list of faculty in the department. (optional)

Program Entry Date: This is by default the date the user was created in Prograds, but you can change this here.

Current Location: This is optional and can be changed by the student or administrators.

International Student: When checked, a dropdown opens to specify citizenship. (optional)

On Leave: When checked, dates of the leave show. Click on the dates to add a leave start and end date. Previous leaves can be seen by clicking on these dates.

Graduated: Click to indicate graduated. These students can still be found using the additional filters on the People Dashboard (list of Students and Faculty).

Left Program: Click to indicate the student has left the program. These students can still be found using the additional filters on the People Dashboard (list of Students and Faculty).

Supervisor(s) & Committee: Add and remove. If you mistakenly add or remove, just remove or re-add; no damage is done to other data in the system.

Major Field: Only one is allowed. The list is drawn from the Program's list of subfields.

Minor Fields: Multiple are allowed. The list is drawn from the Program's list of subfields.

Labs: Selected from a list of the Department's Labs (if the Department has enabled Labs).

Courses: Selected from a list of the Department's Courses. They can be re-ordered by the student or the administrators.


The Student File List is the same list that the student and faculty have access to from the Student's main page. Of course, files can be designated as not visible to the student.


Messages and Admin Notes

In the box in the middle of the screen is a list of Messages that have been sent to the student and the private Admin Notes.

Messages trigger an email to the student's Prograds email address with the subject and body of the message. Students see these messages in their view of this Profile page. This is so you can record what has been communicated to the student. The email goes out with a reply-to address of the current user who has composed the message in Prograds. Unfortunately, at the present time Prograds does not show the replies or subsequent messages.

Admin Notes are not visible to the student. They are for the administrative staff and graduate program directors to record notes about the student.

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