Tables and Reports (Milestones, Requirements, Funding, Employment)

Filter, Search, Edit and Export Milestones and Requirements in one table like your old spreadsheet.


Prograds has spreadsheet-like tables for Student Milestones, Student Requirements, Funding/Employment, and Prograds Usage.

You get there from the tables icon in the header bar.

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These tables are most powerful for seeing the following:

  • Items needing your approval
    • Use the toggle just under the “Approved” heading to show only those not approved, but do so in combination with the toggle under “Complete” to show only those that are complete.
  • Milestones and Requirements that have have been overdue the longest
    • Toggle to see only the not complete items and then click the carat beside “Deadline Date” to sort with the least recent at the top.
  • One student’s milestones and requirements so that you can approve a bunch of them quickly

Sorting, Search, and Filtering

Columns can be sorted with the little arrow beside the column name.

You can search and filter using the Filter bar at the top.

For the Complete, Approved, and Exempt columns you can filter with the little boxed minus signs under the column name.

When you type in the filter search box the table updates instantaneously. Unfortunately, this slows down the response of the interface. We’re working to make this smoother.


Some of the columns are editable. Click to the column and change the value. The Milestone or Requirement is nearly-instantly changed and it will be reflected on the student’s progress page. Use with care: there is no undo; but, of course, you can always change it back instantly.

Download / Export

The buttons at top right can be used to export the table in various formats. If you have filtered the table, the export will include only that data.

You can use the Excel/CSV export to achieve custom reporting and queries. We’ll be adding more of this natively within Prograds in the coming months.

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