Working with Courses

Adding courses and allowing students to add courses

Courses are only for information purposes in Prograds. They will not sync (for now) with any official university registration system. Courses are only listed by Code, Title, Year, and Instructor; there are no student grades attached to courses in Prograds.
We think this is still very useful so that Faculty (and perhaps Administrators), can see what courses a student has taken and is taking, quickly. This is particularly valuable for Faculty as they write reference letters or consider students for RA positions that require specific course-based training.

Adding Courses to the Department


You add Courses to Prograds on the Courses tab of the Department Profile page (Set up a Department). This can be done one-by-one, manually, or by uploading a csv file. (Courses are not Program-specific).

Because the Instructor is drawn from the list of Faculty in the Department, it is best to wait to populate courses after all Faculty have been invited to Prograds. (See Create & Invite Users (Students and Faculty))
Contact us if you would like to upload from a csv file. You’ll send us a comma-separated values file (csv) with only four column headers named with exactly these items, case-sensitive, without any leading or trailing spaces: Code, Year, Instructor_LastName, Title.

Adding Courses to Students

You can choose to allow students to populate their own course listing. This can save a great deal of time! The setting to allow this is in the Department Profile Settings tab.

Administrators and Students add Courses from the Department Courses list to students' Prograds record. This is done from The Student Page or the Student Profiles.

Courses can be reordered manually (drag and drop) for each student so they are listed chronologically.


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Last updated on May 30, 2022