Student Files

The Student File list

Each Student has an associated file box. The box shows all the files uploaded to the Working On, Events, Milestones, Requirments, and Funding items. It can be also used independently of those items to keep signed documents like annual reviews. (But we not-so-secretly hope that Prograds makes annual review documents obsolete!)

The Student file listing is available from the Student Page. It's a popup that lets you add files, view them, and download them.

The list shows files uploaded here on the Student File List and all the files uploaded to items on the student’s progress page.

Administrative users and Faculty can upload files and choose whether the file will be visible to the student or not. Leave the box “Visible to Student” unchecked if you want to keep the file private to Administrators and Faculty, but still attached to the student’s record.

We are building a consolidated files page for administrators to search for files across the department's users.

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Last updated on April 6, 2022