How Does Prograds Help?

What Prograds will do for faculty, students, and programs

Prograds is for grad school progress. Students make better progress, with less stress, when students, professors, program directors, and administrative staff all have access to the information they need, on demand.
Prograds is one application to bring all this information together and make it easily available to the right people at the right time. A one-stop shop for graduate prograds, um, we mean… progress.

For Students

Your own progress page with

‣ what milestones and requirements are next

‣ monthly email reminders about upcoming or overdue milestones and requirements

‣ a place to indicate what you're working on, what you've completed, and what's next up

‣ links to cloud file locations of your drafts for commenting by your committee

‣ your funding status

‣ courses taken

‣ a place to keep your supervisors updated on events like conferences, internships, publications, and recommendation letters


For Faculty

A dashboard of all your students

‣ supervising

‣ committee member

‣ graduated

A page for each student with

‣ what they're working on

‣ milestones and requirements completed and remaining

‣ their funding

‣ their TA and RA jobs

‣ their lab memberships

‣ courses taken

‣ and any other events and updates like conferences or recommendations needed

You get the monthly emails your students get: with the upcoming and missed deadlines for the students you’re supervising.


For Directors and Staff

A record for each student

‣ supervisor & committee

‣ stages

‣ milestones and requirements

‣ funding

‣ employment (TA & RA)

‣ courses

‣ lab memberships

A record for each faculty member

‣ Students supervised

‣ Committee memberships

‣ Funding supervisions

‣ Labs


‣ Multiple programs

‣ Program and department roll-ups: funding, supervisions, committee memberships, labs, student progress

‣ Students and their supervisors get a monthly reminder email with upcoming or overdue milestones and requirements.

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Last updated on July 10, 2023